local pro spotlight: danae stephens

It’s time for our Local Pro Spotlight for the month! We are delighted to introduce to the talented and beautiful Danae Stephens of Winship Photography. You may have seen here work featured among others on our Instagram and blog but today is ALL about Danae. Not only is she incredibly talented but she’s also based right here in Rockledge, how much more local can you get?!

Rockledge Gardens Weddings: We love that you define yourself as a mother first. Can you talk about how you’ve found a balance between motherhood and your career?

Danae Stephens: First I have to say that I don’t know if I will ever find the perfect balance between the mom life and the work life. One day I feel like I have it all together and then the next day I don’t. It’s really hard to get work done when you want to be spending that time with your children, but they always come first. I also have amazing clients who know that and understand. The biggest thing is to just push through mentally, even if you don’t feel like doing something – DO IT! Overcoming that mental voice is key to getting things done! But being a mom is the reason I started and the reason I continue to hustle!
#momboss … photo by Harmony Lynn Photography (another awesome mom boss)

RGW: How would you define your style as a photographer?

DS:I’ve been asked this a few times and I’m horrible at coming up with an answer. I would say classic, raw, real moments. I feel like it’s so hard to explain into words. I like things to be as true to what they are as possible. Simple. Clean. I always go for feelings rather than just the smile and look at the camera. I want to capture those intimate moments that everyone seems to be so afraid to show. There’s beauty/something special in everything/everyone and I love bringing that out of my clients and delivering it as beautiful photos they will have forever.

RGW: What are your favorite couples to work with?

DS: Couples who trust me! Building a relationship with my clients is one thing I feel strongly about. It allows the client to fully open up and be comfortable with me – which then makes for some awesome photos.

RGW: What’s your favorite place you’ve ever taken a photo? Why?

DS: I don’t think I have a favorite, but I can say any greenery location at sunset or sunrise is my absolute favorite. I’m originally from Michigan so I think that may be why the woods seem to be my happy place!

RGW: If you could photograph anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

DS: This is an easy one! Santorini Greece! Those beautiful white buildings and the different tones of blue. I’m obsessed!

RGW: What is your favorite part about being a photographer in Central Florida?

DS: My favorite part about being a photographer in Central Florida is being able to shoot outside year round! I know the summers can be brutal with the heat, but the light early am or late pm in the summer is so beautiful.

This wedding took place in December!

RGW:What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at a wedding you shot?

DS: There are honestly way too many for me to pick just one! I’m always laughing, crying – going through all the emotions at every wedding.

RGW: What do you love about capturing weddings?

DS: My favorite part first and foremost is all of the amazing people I get to meet! The day goes by so fast for the couple, I love knowing I’m capturing all of those little details and moments that they may have missed.

Hand-lettered sign by Lisa Rene Lettering

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Danae! If you are still looking for your wedding photographer, jump over to Winship Photography and send Danae a note:)

Author: Elizabeth Lark-Riley