living centerpieces

Don’t get us wrong, we think floral centerpieces are beautiful, classic, elegant and lovely. But the average cost of a table centerpiece for a wedding is around $135 each! And while nothing quite surpasses the beauty of a stunning bridal bouquet, a great way to save on flowers might be to spend your money on the bouquet and save on the centerpieces by choosing live plants instead!

Living centerpieces can be created for any wedding style and budget. Here’s how to save money while toping your tables with something that’s truly elegant and uniquely you.

Step 1. Choose your container.

Affordable containers that match your wedding vision can be found anywhere from garden centers to craft stores to Amazon to even thrift stores! Choose something that fits your style and budget and get them in bulk!

Step 2. Choose your plants.

With live plants, season matters. Not every plant will be available every part of the year so make sure to ask your local gardening experts (like the ones at Rockledge Gardens) what will be in season when you get married.

Step 3. Create a design.

Many local garden centers (like Rockledge Gardens) have container design and planting services and would be thrilled to create a harmonious and beautiful container garden for your wedding. Or if you have an eye for design and a green thumb, try doing it yourself! Rockledge Gardens also offers private classes where you can have a professional create the design while you and your friends and family actually get your hands dirty planting them while sipping wine. This might be a super-fun alternative to a traditional bridal shower!

Step 4. Let your guests take them home.

Send your guests home with a living centerpiece that will last and last reminding them of your wedding every time they look at it!

photos: Infinite Memories PhotographyAcevedo Photography, Matthew Hayford Photography

Author: Akili Phillips